Hybrid Training Protocol. Our Rapid Results Personal Training Program

Effective and Affordable Personal Training+Unlimited Group Fitness

World Class Coaching

We are not cheap...but that’s because we have a proven track record of success.
We also think we are fun to be around. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves…
Anyways..We will walk you through this amazing program to give you results that will last – no shortcuts. With us, there are no plateaus, we know exactly what to do. But you know that the results you get STICK.

Incredibly Fast Results

Ever wonder how movie stars and athletes get into such great shape so quickly?  It's because they use a program like this, where they train hard and they train frequently. In the HTP-12 Week program you will achieve the best results you’re humanly (or inhumanly) capable of in just 12 weeks. Train the way movie stars get ready for big roles or how athletes get ready for their seasons.

Customized Nutrition

We approach this in a sustainable patented 3-phase process to get your metabolism revving at a rate you’ve never experienced.

You’ll be eating more and burning more and love it!

Join Our Team

It’s not just about the transformation journey we will take you on…but who you will be going on it with.

You will make crazy great friends who share your desire to look great naked and make going to the gym something you look forward to.
After a while…you won’t even think about it as “going to the gym” you’ll just want to go to see your friends. 😊

12 Sessions of HTP Personal Training

12 Semi-Private Personal Training sessions per month plus Unlimited Group Fitness
Paid in Full Discount

3 Months of Semi-Private Personal Training PIF

36 Semi-Private Personal Training sessions per month plus Unlimited Group Fitness

One Week Trial Offer!

3 Semi Private Personal Training sessions PLUS 1 Week Unlimited Group Fitness

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      I've been training with David for about 3 months now.  From the time we started out, David has taken the time to really understand my goals.  As I've been getting stronger and gaining more confidence, David continues to challenge me and I'm realizing I can do a lot more than I ever thought possible.  Besides being very technically knowledgable, David is a really nice person...a pleasure to train with.  I'm thrilled with the results so far. I've lost weight, slimmed down, and feel better than I have in a long time.  I would recommend David to anyone who is ready to make changes to their body and have fun doing it!

    thumb Debbie R.

      I've only been once, and wouldn't normally review any business after just  one visit but a man (maybe the owner?) specifically stopped me and asked me on my way out. It was a bit disarming that was my first encounter and honestly cast a bit of a negative on my first experience there (I don't really like being asked for a yelp review, and especially if I've never spoken to you). With that said, I had a nice workout and have only good things to say about Victor, the trainer. I came here on a class pass and he was very welcoming, friendly and motivating. The equipment and studio are okay - I'd give them three stars, and Victor 4; overall experience a three because it's close to my neighborhood and a small group but probably wouldn't be somewhere I visit too regularly. I've tried similar places on Aviation that have the same group personal training and preferred their setup of different workouts for different people; i.e. everyone not doing the same thing. This was like a small workout class vs the other studios that give a totally different workout to each person and rotate between the people making adjustments and moving on to the next move. Feels more personal and like they're keeping my fitness goal in mind.

    thumb Gretchen B.

      What's up fit fam! This is Christianne a proud member of AMP fitness family!

    I joined the 6 week challenge in July 2018 I finished it in Aug 14, 2018 too sad to say goodbye so i joined the gym. My journey to weight loss and getting fit is not done yet and without AMP I don't think I'd be able to see myself progressing and reaching my fitness goals.

    The trainers i got the chance to work with are AMAZING! Dave is beyond awesome, he is very focused in helping us reach our goals. Shout out to Victor, Jazmine, Justin and Melissa for making us work our butts off every group class.

    If you are looking to get fit and get a kick star your journey to weight loss you can never go wrong with AMP.

    I love y'all and let's get it

    thumb Christianne A.