I feel incredible! I started personal training with my friend Jasmine at the end of July, and I must tell you that today, I feel great. It is now the middle of September and I know Ive felt a huge transition in myself. Thanks to the dedicated work of Janet, my body feels as energetic as my mind. I used to feel exhausted after just walking up a set of stairs, now I run up and down those bad boys no problem! I feel like Dave found Jasmine and I the most PERFECT trainer! Janet is kind, intelligent and committed to us achieving our highest point of excellency. Her dedication is unwavering every time we see her. She checks in on us with phone calls and texts to ensure our well-being, her loyalty is unrivaled.  We see her three times a week, and we do other activities on our own through the other week days. I have seen a difference in my body, I'm not perfect, but I know Janet is going to get me pretty close to that. This was the best decision I've made in the past few years. Hiring a personal trainer is no doubt a commitment in more ways than one, mentally, physically, and financially; however, if you're serious about a positive change in your life, reach out to Dave and just see where that positive thinking will take you. Jasmine and I continually boast about how amazing we feel and how grateful we are to have found 'JANET!' Thank you to Janet, Dave, and AMP Fitness for being this encouraging and productive force in our lives.

    thumb Randi M.

      I found Dave after hours of searching the internet and calling for rates with multiple trainers.  Dave had a deal ( 3 session for $45) so I decided it was worth a shot to see how I liked it. Immediately after the first session I signed up for the 3 day a week monthly package and have not regretted it!  I love it because every workout is different and catered to my goals and my body. I never feel like I am being given a cookie cutter workout. I like knowing that when I come in  that he has prepared a workout for the day that is completely different than what I may have done the day before. He listens when I mention I am sore or my knee is bothering and adjusts the workout accordingly.

    His schedule is super accommodating for anyone. Literally, there is no excuse not to get in an hour or two a week with Dave because he is so good with his schedule!  I always look forward to my next workout and am loving my results. I feel healthier, more in shape, and am working towards my goals. The workouts always fly by because Dave is easy to talk to and the workouts are always fun!

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND DAVE!!!! Great Prices and trust me, I researched!

    thumb Erin D.

      This review is on their two week class intro . My first class was with Jazmin who kicked my butt. Class was on a Saturday so I was busy but jazmin worked around it and kept our heat rate up as all the trainers do when it's busy. My favorite class had to be train like an athlete by Dave . All the trainers modify workouts to your needs . Victor is another fun trainer and he'll hold you accountable when it comes to your calorie intake. I'll be signing up for he 6 month classes after my vacation!

    thumb Crystal L.

      Tried the 6 week challenge at amp fitness and I have to say, I'm glad I did! Although I didn't meet my initial goal, I lost 4% body fat and was so shocked to see my before and after photos. They provide a meal plan, workouts, check ins, advice and so much more! At Amp Fitness you never feel intimidated and you know all the trainers want you to succeed.

    The best part about amp fitness is that there are classes throughout the day that you can fit into your busy schedule. There are so many types of classes to choose from like L.A.B. (Legs, abs, butt), cardio/hiit, upper body, etc. The classes are usually about 45-60 mins but they go by so quickly! Never gets boring and are all challenging!

    Dave and all the other trainers are really friendly and keep you motivated! I really enjoyed my time here and I highly recommend this place for anyone who wants to get a start on their fitness journey. I learned a lot from everyone here.

    thumb Maya K.

      I've had the most positive experience with Dave at Amp Fitness! I was out of shape and nervous about working with a trainer for the first time, but from the very beginning he made me feel completely comfortable, even when doing exercises I had never done before. The best part- he helped me reach my goal of fitting into my bridesmaid dress!! I highly recommend Amp Fitness to anyone looking to get into shape and reach their personal goals.

    thumb Katherine W.

      After reading the reviews on Yelp I knew that Amp Fitness was the place for me. Dave is a great trainer and he offers truly unique exercise routines using the array of different equipment to ensure it is never boring , yet targets all of the areas required to meet your goals.

    Dave is also a fantastic person with such a positive outlook. Despite the hard workouts I look forward to my sessions and having fun at the gym. It just takes away the need for motivation when you actually look forward to the sessions.

    The gym itself is one big naturally light and airy space which is way better than the traditional rows and rows of machines in an office type complex like many gyms.

    The rates are reasonable and the website is really informative and you do really get exactly what is marketed.

    I would recommend calling Dave first and then dropping by to check the place out. I started the day after I met Dave and haven't looked back!

    thumb Rod H.

      I am so happy I found Dave as I was looking to get stronger and more fit before my wedding. I started by purchasing his New Client Intro deal (3 sessions for $45) and was instantly hooked. He is very informative and was great at analyzing my fitness level and pushing me every week towards my full potential. Within a few weeks I got leaner and stronger and feel better than ever! I would fully recommend Dave- he is also very friendly and makes sure the workouts are challenging yet fun, and is always helpful when asked for health/strength recommendations! Thank you Dave!

    thumb Sally A.

      Best. Trainer. Ever.  

    I've been working with Dave at Amp Fitness for about six months now and I love it!  
    Dave is a wealth of knowledge and helps me at every visit improve my form, share information on nutrition, and makes working out fun.  He is professional, flexible and responsive, and in general an awesome person.  

    I highly recommend Amp Fitness.

    thumb Leah L.

      I've been struggling with my weight for a while now, and I think part of the reason as to why I haven't been successful is because I don't change my workouts often and I know very little about proper form and routines when it comes to exercising. Over the summer, I was looking for a female personal trainer on Craigslist, and I came across an ad for personal trainer Jeri Williams at AMP Fitness.

    Jeri is AMAZING! First of all, she's super cute and fun to be around, but she also pushes you when you feel like you can't do that last sit-up. Every day that I came out of my workout with Jeri, I felt stronger (and SO FREAKING SORE!! LOL). I would definitely recommend Jeri to anyone who is interested in being trained and challenged. She knows a lot about exercise, she does her research, and she challenges you to do your best! She will provide you with your measurements and your progress, and will help you by printing out materials regarding food choice. She also keeps in contact through text messages and phone calls. Even months after we finished our sessions, she keeps in contact and checks up on me!

    I would definitely recommend Jeri to anyone. Grateful to have met her!

    thumb Milie M.