I was on a 8 month vacation from the gym and was really looking for someone who could get me motivated, keep me accountable and inspire me to give 110%. That's when I found Dave. Dave has a great way of analyzing your fitness level and knowing your full potential. He knows when to push you hard and when to give you a break. He's not a drill sergeant, he's never pushy but one way or another he will make you WORK. I am excited to get to the gym again. I am excited with the results.

    Thank You Dave!

    thumb Soph H.

      Love this place! Been coming here for about two months now.
    I have lost 13 lbs since I started, and I feel great!
    Love the energy , coaches are awesome with positive vibes...

    thumb Sandra T.

      I attended the group class from this place. Since the class is small,  I really loved the attention I received from the trainer. Exercises were adjusted due to my injuries and when my form is wrong it was corrected right away. They also offer private training. I haven't tried it but their prices seem fair. This is the place for you if you want to try classes and still have someone closely monitor you.

    thumb Portia K.

      I've been training with David for about 3 months now.  From the time we started out, David has taken the time to really understand my goals.  As I've been getting stronger and gaining more confidence, David continues to challenge me and I'm realizing I can do a lot more than I ever thought possible.  Besides being very technically knowledgable, David is a really nice person...a pleasure to train with.  I'm thrilled with the results so far. I've lost weight, slimmed down, and feel better than I have in a long time.  I would recommend David to anyone who is ready to make changes to their body and have fun doing it!

    thumb Debbie R.

      I found Dave on Yelp in search for a Personal Trainer. I signed up for the new client 3 session intro offer and was immediately hooked. I explained to Dave about my goals to lose weight, improve flexibility, and improve my running half marathons. I did a few sessions with Dave and learned so much. He makes working out so enjoyable. I was so impressed i signed up for 3 months using auto pay. Ive only been going for just over a month and my last half marathon i ran faster with no pain. Im currently training with Jeri and she is so awesome. She is helping me with flexibility and mobility to improve my running and cycling. She put me on a diet plan and even sends me emails to see how im doing. Ill be running LA Marathon Sunday and cant wait for my next session. I occasionally switch training sessions between Dave and Jeri depending on my work schedule. Online scheduling is fast and easy and their prices are great. I always come out sweating after my sessions but with a big smile.

    thumb David L.

      I also found Dave on Yelp. He is as great as the other reviewers have noted.

    For once I don't dread going to the gym. Dave truly makes working out fun.  He has a big arsenal of exercises that use a variety of tools including BOSU, ropes, kettle bells, weights and bands. They are challenging and make you feel like you are getting a very thorough workout.

    Unlike some of my previous trainers, Dave watches your form intensely and offers suggestions on how to improve. He radiates great energy and  is always low key never pushy.

    I look forward to more training with Dave and seeing continued results.

    thumb Stacy J.

      23.4lb off in 6 weeks, even with a cranky knee and meds that make losing weight more challenging.  Yay!

    Seriously, the challenge was a lot of work but the trainers are awesome and you get a lot of support.  They are there to answer questions, and I have a lot.  Substitute exercises are always available when my knee is being a pain.  The diet plan works, the group classes are challenging but they end up being fun.  (They are super rough the first couple weeks, but you will get through it.)  And yes, they do have vegetarian/vegan options available.  Boca burgers and seitan FTW!

    Like all the rest of the reviews are saying, if you're serious about getting in shape, this is the place to do it.  It's absolutely worth the time and effort to invest in yourself and your body.  Not only am I continuing with the program after the 6 weeks, but I'm also actually going to be increasing the number of classes I do per week.  

    Dave, Justin, Victor, Jazmine - you guys are the best.  Thank you!

    thumb Barb C.

      Best 6 week challenge out there clear cut and to the point no bs. Got me through it one step at a time and I then reached my end goal of loosing 20 lbs. The hardest part was the eating due to the fact that I was already working out a lot but it definitely is true when they say it is all about what you are consuming.

    thumb Cole G.

      Dave has been my trainer here he's beyond awesome!! I even worked out with Victor and Jazmine they help you reach your goals. They are my motivational trainers.

    thumb Ibtesam S.