I found Dave on Yelp in search for a Personal Trainer. I signed up for the new client 3 session intro offer and was immediately hooked. I explained to Dave about my goals to lose weight, improve flexibility, and improve my running half marathons. I did a few sessions with Dave and learned so much. He makes working out so enjoyable. I was so impressed i signed up for 3 months using auto pay. Ive only been going for just over a month and my last half marathon i ran faster with no pain. Im currently training with Jeri and she is so awesome. She is helping me with flexibility and mobility to improve my running and cycling. She put me on a diet plan and even sends me emails to see how im doing. Ill be running LA Marathon Sunday and cant wait for my next session. I occasionally switch training sessions between Dave and Jeri depending on my work schedule. Online scheduling is fast and easy and their prices are great. I always come out sweating after my sessions but with a big smile.

    thumb David L.

      This is an update to my 2014 review. I am still training with Dave at Amp Fitness. I am 74 y.o. and just reached a personal record of 125lbs. for deadlifts. I recently purchased a 9x12 carpet for my house and until the room is painted, I needed to move it to a room in the back of the house. Thanks to all my training with Dave, I was able to move it by myself!! How cool is that!!! Dave has now added other trainers and I know that they meet his high standards of knowledge etc. or he would not hire them. If you are looking to get healthy and fit, Amp Fitness is where you need to be. Give them a call, you won't be sorry you did!!

    thumb Louise D.

      Update 11/20/15 - Still training with Dave 1.5 years later! Still not bored! I feel great. Dave is wonderful and I would highly recommend him.

    Thank you Yelp because you steered me in the right direction. I found AMP on Yelp and I love this place! The facility is great and so is Dave. I have worked out with many trainers and Dave is one of my favorites. I never know what today's session will be so I'm never bored. He makes it fun but pushes me when I need it.  I am getting the best workouts. I would definitely recommend Dave.

    thumb Dani T.

      I have been training with Dave for last 4 months and am completely satisfied with the training. Dave is very knowledgeable , he understand the goals and really work hard to help his trainees achieve the goals. He pays attention to what you doing , make sure everything is done perfectly and answers all the questions/doubt you may have. I really liked working out with him. He is great as person too. I would definitely recommend to work out with Dave

    thumb Puneet B.

      I've never worked out with a trainer before and being in my mid-50's, was a bit intimidated by the whole concept.  I had neck surgery and so I was worried about my physical limitations as well.    Victor has been amazing!  He is kind, prepared, and very knowledgeable.  We work hard and I know I've done a workout, but I'm not so sore that I can't move.  For the first time in many many years - I have no lower back pain at all - something I didn't believe Victor could accomplish- and he did.  Amp Fitness has everything you need in a gym and is a great place to work out.  Without hesitation I recommend Victor - I wish I had started sooner!!

    thumb Tamah K.

      I tried personal training a while back, but I didn't get the results I wanted, and it was SO expensive. After realizing that I really needed someone to be accountable to, I set back out on my quest to start personal training again. That is when I found Amp Fitness. It was a totally different experience from day 1 with them. I am now on my 3rd month, and I actually look forward to working out!! I could never say that in the past. The prices are very reasonable for the quality of training you get. It's one-on-one, and completely customized to your goals. I am really happy with the progress I have made, and I look forward to seeing where their expertise will take me. I started out working out with Dave, and have since moved on to working out with Mike. You will not be disappointed in either of these trainers. They are both fantastic!

    thumb Jenny C.

      Dave does a great job keeping you motivated and on track. Currently 15lbs of fat down from when I started working with him, and I'm the strongest I've ever been in my entire life. Very reasonable rates for the level of training as well.

    thumb Tyler D.

      Have you ever been that person thats always trying to find the right gym... nothing to big and busy... and nothing to small that feels like its closed for the day? Well you came to the right place! I was that person that would visit a gym and sign up for one week and disappear. Amp fitness has exceeded my expectations and whats even better is I have one of the best trainers in the house! Jazmine!!! She listens to me and always is so encouraging... she understands what my body needs and works me to the core! She sets me up with a great workout where at the end Im lying dead on the floor but works me hard enough where I want to come back! You'll hate her for a second but will love her at the end!! Anyone that lands at Amp and works with Jazmine.... its a win win!

    thumb Karen L.

      I found Dave after hours of searching the internet and calling for rates with multiple trainers.  Dave had a deal ( 3 session for $45) so I decided it was worth a shot to see how I liked it. Immediately after the first session I signed up for the 3 day a week monthly package and have not regretted it!  I love it because every workout is different and catered to my goals and my body. I never feel like I am being given a cookie cutter workout. I like knowing that when I come in  that he has prepared a workout for the day that is completely different than what I may have done the day before. He listens when I mention I am sore or my knee is bothering and adjusts the workout accordingly.

    His schedule is super accommodating for anyone. Literally, there is no excuse not to get in an hour or two a week with Dave because he is so good with his schedule!  I always look forward to my next workout and am loving my results. I feel healthier, more in shape, and am working towards my goals. The workouts always fly by because Dave is easy to talk to and the workouts are always fun!

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND DAVE!!!! Great Prices and trust me, I researched!

    thumb Erin D.