I have been working with Jeri for about 2 months.  She is awesome!  She started me slow and progressively stretches my abilities.  She tracks my progress, has a plan for each workout and pays attention to form.  She is on time and lets me know ahead of time about any schedule changes ( which are rare) No messaging on cell phone, eating or chatting, she focuses on her client, which is great!!!!!  Highly recommend ladies, if you are looking for a great, focused trainer.

    thumb Debbie M.

      I am so happy I found Dave as I was looking to get stronger and more fit before my wedding. I started by purchasing his New Client Intro deal (3 sessions for $45) and was instantly hooked. He is very informative and was great at analyzing my fitness level and pushing me every week towards my full potential. Within a few weeks I got leaner and stronger and feel better than ever! I would fully recommend Dave- he is also very friendly and makes sure the workouts are challenging yet fun, and is always helpful when asked for health/strength recommendations! Thank you Dave!

    thumb Sally A.

      My primary goal was strengthening after a long-term injury which has really impacted my function.  I have not gotten back to where I was yet, but my strength has improved dramatically and I know if I keep working I will be able to do most of what I could before. And it is actually fun doing weight training! I always stayed away from the weight section because I thought that is where the boys go and we girls stick to the elliptical...but after my experience with Amp I will be much more confident about treading into that side of the gym and I really see how valuable strength training is!

    thumb Natalie M.

      Have you ever been that person thats always trying to find the right gym... nothing to big and busy... and nothing to small that feels like its closed for the day? Well you came to the right place! I was that person that would visit a gym and sign up for one week and disappear. Amp fitness has exceeded my expectations and whats even better is I have one of the best trainers in the house! Jazmine!!! She listens to me and always is so encouraging... she understands what my body needs and works me to the core! She sets me up with a great workout where at the end Im lying dead on the floor but works me hard enough where I want to come back! You'll hate her for a second but will love her at the end!! Anyone that lands at Amp and works with Jazmine.... its a win win!

    thumb Karen L.

      Working out with Dave is the best! I've been a client for awhile and I'm seeing great results. Dave's positive attitude and energy help make all my workouts fun. I would definitely recommend Amp Fitness to anyone looking for personalized workouts in a fun and non-intimidating environment.

    thumb Ali P.

      This review is on their two week class intro . My first class was with Jazmin who kicked my butt. Class was on a Saturday so I was busy but jazmin worked around it and kept our heat rate up as all the trainers do when it's busy. My favorite class had to be train like an athlete by Dave . All the trainers modify workouts to your needs . Victor is another fun trainer and he'll hold you accountable when it comes to your calorie intake. I'll be signing up for he 6 month classes after my vacation!

    thumb Crystal L.

      You really can't beat the atmosphere at this gym - everyone is so nice, welcoming and willing to go above and beyond to answer any questions you have. As someone who has been to many classes/trainers, I know that this is not always the case. Between the group classes and personal training they really have it all. It's definitely one of the best deals in the southbay - and a great workout!

    thumb Lindsey P.

      I also found Dave on Yelp. He is as great as the other reviewers have noted.

    For once I don't dread going to the gym. Dave truly makes working out fun.  He has a big arsenal of exercises that use a variety of tools including BOSU, ropes, kettle bells, weights and bands. They are challenging and make you feel like you are getting a very thorough workout.

    Unlike some of my previous trainers, Dave watches your form intensely and offers suggestions on how to improve. He radiates great energy and  is always low key never pushy.

    I look forward to more training with Dave and seeing continued results.

    thumb Stacy J.

      I was on a 8 month vacation from the gym and was really looking for someone who could get me motivated, keep me accountable and inspire me to give 110%. That's when I found Dave. Dave has a great way of analyzing your fitness level and knowing your full potential. He knows when to push you hard and when to give you a break. He's not a drill sergeant, he's never pushy but one way or another he will make you WORK. I am excited to get to the gym again. I am excited with the results.

    Thank You Dave!

    thumb Soph H.