I feel incredible! I started personal training with my friend Jasmine at the end of July, and I must tell you that today, I feel great. It is now the middle of September and I know Ive felt a huge transition in myself. Thanks to the dedicated work of Janet, my body feels as energetic as my mind. I used to feel exhausted after just walking up a set of stairs, now I run up and down those bad boys no problem! I feel like Dave found Jasmine and I the most PERFECT trainer! Janet is kind, intelligent and committed to us achieving our highest point of excellency. Her dedication is unwavering every time we see her. She checks in on us with phone calls and texts to ensure our well-being, her loyalty is unrivaled.  We see her three times a week, and we do other activities on our own through the other week days. I have seen a difference in my body, I'm not perfect, but I know Janet is going to get me pretty close to that. This was the best decision I've made in the past few years. Hiring a personal trainer is no doubt a commitment in more ways than one, mentally, physically, and financially; however, if you're serious about a positive change in your life, reach out to Dave and just see where that positive thinking will take you. Jasmine and I continually boast about how amazing we feel and how grateful we are to have found 'JANET!' Thank you to Janet, Dave, and AMP Fitness for being this encouraging and productive force in our lives.

    thumb Randi M.

      I've only been once, and wouldn't normally review any business after just  one visit but a man (maybe the owner?) specifically stopped me and asked me on my way out. It was a bit disarming that was my first encounter and honestly cast a bit of a negative on my first experience there (I don't really like being asked for a yelp review, and especially if I've never spoken to you). With that said, I had a nice workout and have only good things to say about Victor, the trainer. I came here on a class pass and he was very welcoming, friendly and motivating. The equipment and studio are okay - I'd give them three stars, and Victor 4; overall experience a three because it's close to my neighborhood and a small group but probably wouldn't be somewhere I visit too regularly. I've tried similar places on Aviation that have the same group personal training and preferred their setup of different workouts for different people; i.e. everyone not doing the same thing. This was like a small workout class vs the other studios that give a totally different workout to each person and rotate between the people making adjustments and moving on to the next move. Feels more personal and like they're keeping my fitness goal in mind.

    thumb Gretchen B.

      I have been training with Dave for last 4 months and am completely satisfied with the training. Dave is very knowledgeable , he understand the goals and really work hard to help his trainees achieve the goals. He pays attention to what you doing , make sure everything is done perfectly and answers all the questions/doubt you may have. I really liked working out with him. He is great as person too. I would definitely recommend to work out with Dave

    thumb Puneet B.

      I've been training with David for about 3 months now.  From the time we started out, David has taken the time to really understand my goals.  As I've been getting stronger and gaining more confidence, David continues to challenge me and I'm realizing I can do a lot more than I ever thought possible.  Besides being very technically knowledgable, David is a really nice person...a pleasure to train with.  I'm thrilled with the results so far. I've lost weight, slimmed down, and feel better than I have in a long time.  I would recommend David to anyone who is ready to make changes to their body and have fun doing it!

    thumb Debbie R.

      Have you ever been that person thats always trying to find the right gym... nothing to big and busy... and nothing to small that feels like its closed for the day? Well you came to the right place! I was that person that would visit a gym and sign up for one week and disappear. Amp fitness has exceeded my expectations and whats even better is I have one of the best trainers in the house! Jazmine!!! She listens to me and always is so encouraging... she understands what my body needs and works me to the core! She sets me up with a great workout where at the end Im lying dead on the floor but works me hard enough where I want to come back! You'll hate her for a second but will love her at the end!! Anyone that lands at Amp and works with Jazmine.... its a win win!

    thumb Karen L.

      I have been working with Jeri for about 2 months.  She is awesome!  She started me slow and progressively stretches my abilities.  She tracks my progress, has a plan for each workout and pays attention to form.  She is on time and lets me know ahead of time about any schedule changes ( which are rare) No messaging on cell phone, eating or chatting, she focuses on her client, which is great!!!!!  Highly recommend ladies, if you are looking for a great, focused trainer.

    thumb Debbie M.

      What's up fit fam! This is Christianne a proud member of AMP fitness family!

    I joined the 6 week challenge in July 2018 I finished it in Aug 14, 2018 too sad to say goodbye so i joined the gym. My journey to weight loss and getting fit is not done yet and without AMP I don't think I'd be able to see myself progressing and reaching my fitness goals.

    The trainers i got the chance to work with are AMAZING! Dave is beyond awesome, he is very focused in helping us reach our goals. Shout out to Victor, Jazmine, Justin and Melissa for making us work our butts off every group class.

    If you are looking to get fit and get a kick star your journey to weight loss you can never go wrong with AMP.

    I love y'all and let's get it

    thumb Christianne A.

      I've been struggling with my weight for a while now, and I think part of the reason as to why I haven't been successful is because I don't change my workouts often and I know very little about proper form and routines when it comes to exercising. Over the summer, I was looking for a female personal trainer on Craigslist, and I came across an ad for personal trainer Jeri Williams at AMP Fitness.

    Jeri is AMAZING! First of all, she's super cute and fun to be around, but she also pushes you when you feel like you can't do that last sit-up. Every day that I came out of my workout with Jeri, I felt stronger (and SO FREAKING SORE!! LOL). I would definitely recommend Jeri to anyone who is interested in being trained and challenged. She knows a lot about exercise, she does her research, and she challenges you to do your best! She will provide you with your measurements and your progress, and will help you by printing out materials regarding food choice. She also keeps in contact through text messages and phone calls. Even months after we finished our sessions, she keeps in contact and checks up on me!

    I would definitely recommend Jeri to anyone. Grateful to have met her!

    thumb Milie M.

      I've only been working out with Jazmine for a month and I'm already noticing a difference in not only my physical strength but my figure as well. From the first day Jazmine has made sure not to work out just one part of my body, but her workouts are designed to target the entire body and I'm already seeing definition in my abs. That's definitely a testament to her as a trainer! Plus I'm finding muscles that I didn't know I had.

    Aside from getting abs in a month  prices are super reasonable, &Jazmine and Dave are really welcoming and approachable. For anyone who's skeptical or intimidated by gyms and working out, they eliminate that energy & working out is actually fun. So, instead of wasting a bunch of money on flat tummy teas & waist trainers, do it the right way and go see Jazmine at Amp Fitness

    thumb Kyra K.