Have you considered Partner Personal Training….

but found it difficult to find a workout partner that could train during the same schedule that works for you?

Partner Training gives you all the benefits of using a personal trainer while reducing the cost by working out with another person, but sometimes a friend, family member, or significant other just isn’t able to join you. If that’s the case, our Partner Training Matching may be just the program for you.  You’ll receive all the benefits our or one-on-one personal training programs that include monthly progress measurements, customized training, individualized instruction and much more, all while paying a much less than if you trained solo.

By appointment only. Call Dave at 310-266-3895 to get started!

We’ll match you with one or two other clients that have similar fitness goals and workout schedules and you’ll train in our fully equipped personal training studio conveniently located in Redondo Beach in the South Bay. In addition to saving money, you’ll find that having someone workout with you will help keep you motivated and accountable!  Currently we’re offering Partner Training Matching during the morning hours of 5am, 6am, and 7am. Get your workout in before you go to work!

Partner Training is offered at $30 per session (sold in packages of 12) and you can train as many days per week as you wish . No membership fees, no contracts, and you can cancel at any time. Start with a FREE trial today!

 Check out our affordable rates for 1 on 1 Personal Training here

Fill out the short form and let us know what day you’d like to start or any questions you may have. Or call Dave Pulliam at 310-266-3895