Hybrid Training Protocol. Our Rapid Results Personal Training Program

Incredibly Effective and Dynamic Personal Training

World Class Coaching

We are not cheap...but that’s because we have a proven track record of success.
We also think we are fun to be around. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves…
Anyways..We will walk you through this amazing program to give you results that will last – no shortcuts. With us, there are no plateaus, we know exactly what to do. But you know that the results you get STICK.

Incredibly Fast Results

Ever wonder how movie stars and athletes get into such great shape so quickly?  It's because they use a program like this, where they train hard and they train frequently. In the HTP-12 Week program you will achieve the best results you’re humanly (or inhumanly) capable of in just 12 weeks. Train the way movie stars get ready for big roles or how athletes get ready for their seasons.

Customized Nutrition

We approach this in a sustainable patented 3-phase process to get your metabolism revving at a rate you’ve never experienced.

You’ll be eating more and burning more and love it!

Join Our Team

It’s not just about the transformation journey we will take you on…but who you will be going on it with.

You will make crazy great friends who share your desire to look great naked and make going to the gym something you look forward to.
After a while…you won’t even think about it as “going to the gym” you’ll just want to go to see your friends. 😊

One Week Trial Offer!

3 Semi Private Personal Training sessions PLUS 1 Week Unlimited Group Fitness

8 Sessions of HTP Personal Training Monthly

8 Semi-Private sessions, autopay month to month
Add unlimited Group Fitness for $49

12 Sessions of HTP Personal Training Monthly

12 Semi-Private Training sessions, autopay month to month

16 Sessions of HTP Personal Training Monthly

16 Semi-Private Personal Training sessions, autopay month to month

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      As a traveling nurse and frequent international traveler, I always found it super hard to stick to a clean, healthy diet and exercise regimen. That's when I found Amp Fitness! Dave hooked my boyfriend and I up with not only a workout schedule but a diet and nutrition plan! Knowing we were both frequent travelers, he made it easy to keep to the diet and gave us great advice for meal prepping and nutrition while on the road! With his six week program, I lost 10 lbs and 8% BODY FAT! I can both see and feel the difference and I will continue to work hard to take care of my body! Thanks AMP!

    thumb Reina C.

      Amp is great. I lost 4.8 % body fat in 6 weeks. My goal was to reach a loss of 5% and I came so close! I'm sure I would have hit it if it were not for the holidays and World Series, if you know what I mean haha. The group classes are fun and always different. The trainers accommodate all fitness levels with different variations of exercises. It is hard to get into working out and getting yourself to go to the gym but once you sign up it is easy to get motivated. I now love to work out and feel like I'm getting addicted to working out. I highly recommend it.

    thumb Erica J.

      I love this place!!! The workouts are great and the instructors are also great and helpful. They will help you reach your fitness goals. Dave, victor, and jasmine have all been supportive in my fitness journey and I highly recommend Amp fitness to anyone trying to reach their fitness goals!

    thumb Kendall S.