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We are not cheap...but that’s because we have a proven track record of success.
We also think we are fun to be around. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves…
Anyways..We will walk you through this amazing program to give you results that will last – no shortcuts. With us, there are no plateaus, we know exactly what to do. But you know that the results you get STICK.

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Ever wonder how movie stars and athletes get into such great shape so quickly?  It's because they use a program like this, where they train hard and they train frequently. In the HTP-12 Week program you will achieve the best results you’re humanly (or inhumanly) capable of in just 12 weeks. Train the way movie stars get ready for big roles or how athletes get ready for their seasons.

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We approach this in a sustainable patented 3-phase process to get your metabolism revving at a rate you’ve never experienced.

You’ll be eating more and burning more and love it!

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It’s not just about the transformation journey we will take you on…but who you will be going on it with.

You will make crazy great friends who share your desire to look great naked and make going to the gym something you look forward to.
After a while…you won’t even think about it as “going to the gym” you’ll just want to go to see your friends. 😊

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3 Semi Private Personal Training sessions PLUS 1 Week Unlimited Group Fitness

8 Sessions of HTP Personal Training Monthly

8 Semi-Private sessions, autopay month to month
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12 Sessions of HTP Personal Training Monthly

12 Semi-Private Training sessions, autopay month to month

16 Sessions of HTP Personal Training Monthly

16 Semi-Private Personal Training sessions, autopay month to month

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      This place is totally worth it. So here is my story, I join them exactly 6 weeks ago to complete their 6weeks challenge. My goal, set by them, was to lose 5% body fat. I failed, but I still WON!

    I didn't meet my actual goal, but after 6weeks, I lost 4% body fat which is pretty darn good. Most importantly I feel and look great. More than a # the mirror and pictures do not lie. I am stronger and feel leaner/toner. I kept track of my own photographs and progress through measurements instead of weight, and I lost a lot of inches. My clothes fit better, looser and I've definitely developed some very healthy habits by joining this gym.  I mainly worked with Victor, Jazmin, and Dave but all the trainers are super nice and friendly. This place definitely felt like a no-judgment zone which I absolutely love and recommend.

    My only suggestion is that I wish the goals were set a little bit different for men and women, as women our bodies change more, and the scale and the Body FaT electro machine do not always account for what we go through in those days (A.K.A: our periods). We get bloated and retain a lot of things, maybe it's me making an excuse for not meeting my exact goal in numbers, but I really do think it makes a huge difference. Ladies, my advice is that if you are joining their challenge, make sure your last day/week is not when you are in your lady days which can affect your numbers 😉  ...Other than that go for it! They are really great!

    thumb Adriana P.

      I first found Amp Fitness through a Facebook ad that was advertising their 6 week challenge. For the past couple months, I was telling myself that I needed to start working out and eating healthier but it just wasn't happening on my own. After talking with Dave, I knew that I needed to sign up and I truly have no regrets! With a set period of time, someone to keep me accountable every week, a no brainer meal plan - I knew that I was going to have to work really hard but that I had everything I needed in order to succeed.

    Not going to lie - the first week was pretty hard for me! I had worked out previously but it had been months so I was very sore. Coming into my first workout, I felt a little intimidated at first but that quickly went away when I realized that everyone at the gym was so encouraging and welcoming. As the weeks went by I felt like we all became a little family and it was so great to see familiar faces every week and new faces and we would still all cheer each other on.

    The meal plan was very straightforward and I loved the little tips and tricks that we received from the challenge. I know that I am going to incorporate them into my daily routine each week 🙂

    Not only do I see results on the outside, I feel like I have so much more energy and definitely feel so much stronger each week. I love the variety of classes and how many different times they have throughout the day so I can always fit a class into my schedule. I also love that you really can push yourself as hard as you want for that day - so it's honestly great for anyone at all levels of fitness.

    Now that the challenge is over, I'm 100% going to keep going because 1. I love the staff and everyone who goes there 2. I really love the workouts and I feel that much closer to taking on my next fitness goals with them!

    Thank you, Amp Fitness! So excited to keep this fitness journey going!! 🙂

    thumb Kimi W.

      23.4lb off in 6 weeks, even with a cranky knee and meds that make losing weight more challenging.  Yay!

    Seriously, the challenge was a lot of work but the trainers are awesome and you get a lot of support.  They are there to answer questions, and I have a lot.  Substitute exercises are always available when my knee is being a pain.  The diet plan works, the group classes are challenging but they end up being fun.  (They are super rough the first couple weeks, but you will get through it.)  And yes, they do have vegetarian/vegan options available.  Boca burgers and seitan FTW!

    Like all the rest of the reviews are saying, if you're serious about getting in shape, this is the place to do it.  It's absolutely worth the time and effort to invest in yourself and your body.  Not only am I continuing with the program after the 6 weeks, but I'm also actually going to be increasing the number of classes I do per week.  

    Dave, Justin, Victor, Jazmine - you guys are the best.  Thank you!

    thumb Barb C.