I joined the 6-week challenge at AMP FITNESS after answering a Facebook ad. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made!

    The team at the gym is so welcoming, professional and motivating. Each trainer works differently, which I like. What I like about this gym is the adaptability, the straightforwardness and the fun and challenging atmosphere.

    There are no bells and whistles (though their app is very nice and easy to use) or distractions, or crazy pyramid scheme where you have to buy supplements. It's a straightforward program that works. 1. You decide what you want and if it's right for you 2. If it is, you invest in YOURSELF and YOUR HEALTH and MENTAL HEALTH 3. You show up and put the work in. You either succeed and get rewarded with extra training or you don't.

    If you find it hard to stick to the nutrition or put in the work... the trainers are there to help and motivate you. Everyone's journey is different. Some have more questions than others and it is OKAY.

    Everyone is approachable, especially the owner Dave who I met with first. I actually wasn't in the place financially to commit upon the first meeting. But after saying no to him, I went home and thought about it for a week and was able to move things around financially in order to take the leap. AND I AM SO GLAD I DID. He also offered to split payments to make it easier. He also gave me a free three class trial to see if it was right for me which was very kind.

    I found success with the 6-week challenge. I committed fully and was very strict with my meal preps and nutrition. (to be honest you should know that when I set me mind to something, I literally go 0 to 100 real quick and COMMIT!). I did the three workouts at the gym per week and continued with my additional personal workouts at: planet fitness, yoga, kickboxing and at a rockclimbing gym. I also walked/jogged during my lunch break at work. This helped me lose 17 lbs within the first three weeks and really had me motivated to do more! I did hit the 20 lbs and lost 8% Body Fat. AMP FITNESS allowed me to crush my short-term goal and work towards my long term goal.

    The app they use is very easy and awesome! Booking classes and canceling are a breeze. I really made a point to try every trainer I could to compare.  (I mainly did very early morning classes because I work full time)

    If you feel like you can't keep up the trainers will moderate workouts for you. They also let you go at your own pace but motivate you to try for more and push your limits without over extended and hurting
    yourself. They also take injuries into consideration and will work with them.

    I'm really grateful for my experience at this gym. I definitely want to continue on with them and I'm happy that winning the training will allow me to do that. I feel so much stronger, smarter and READY for this next chapter in my life. Taking a chance on something outside my comfort zone and doing it by myself was really important for me. Along the way I've made some friends too which is always nice. Everyone brings good energy and hard work to the table and I honestly can say that I would recommend this gym to any friend or stranger.

    If you are curious about amp fitness and are doubtful, scared, or feel like you can't afford it... don't let any of those things stop you from hitting your goals. The fact that you are reading this is seriously the first step. And the fact that you got through my novel means even more! I hope you find the motivation to take control of your destiny and don't beat yourself up about where you are at now because with each day, you have ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY to grow, to change, to adapt and to lead by example. Once you take care of yourself, it'll create a ripple effect towards the people you love. So if not for you, do it for your kids, or your husband/wife, or your mom or your friends. Do it for them and for your future memories that you'll build when you realize you can do anything you set your mind to, especially if you want to stick around for a long time.

    Good luck on your journey. Xoxo Jessica Villoria Hua

    P.S. when I hit my REAL GOAL I'll update this post. Stay tuned 🙂

    thumb Jessica H.

      I've been training with David for about 3 months now.  From the time we started out, David has taken the time to really understand my goals.  As I've been getting stronger and gaining more confidence, David continues to challenge me and I'm realizing I can do a lot more than I ever thought possible.  Besides being very technically knowledgable, David is a really nice person...a pleasure to train with.  I'm thrilled with the results so far. I've lost weight, slimmed down, and feel better than I have in a long time.  I would recommend David to anyone who is ready to make changes to their body and have fun doing it!

    thumb Debbie R.

      Amp is great. I lost 4.8 % body fat in 6 weeks. My goal was to reach a loss of 5% and I came so close! I'm sure I would have hit it if it were not for the holidays and World Series, if you know what I mean haha. The group classes are fun and always different. The trainers accommodate all fitness levels with different variations of exercises. It is hard to get into working out and getting yourself to go to the gym but once you sign up it is easy to get motivated. I now love to work out and feel like I'm getting addicted to working out. I highly recommend it.

    thumb Erica J.

      This place is totally worth it. So here is my story, I join them exactly 6 weeks ago to complete their 6weeks challenge. My goal, set by them, was to lose 5% body fat. I failed, but I still WON!

    I didn't meet my actual goal, but after 6weeks, I lost 4% body fat which is pretty darn good. Most importantly I feel and look great. More than a # the mirror and pictures do not lie. I am stronger and feel leaner/toner. I kept track of my own photographs and progress through measurements instead of weight, and I lost a lot of inches. My clothes fit better, looser and I've definitely developed some very healthy habits by joining this gym.  I mainly worked with Victor, Jazmin, and Dave but all the trainers are super nice and friendly. This place definitely felt like a no-judgment zone which I absolutely love and recommend.

    My only suggestion is that I wish the goals were set a little bit different for men and women, as women our bodies change more, and the scale and the Body FaT electro machine do not always account for what we go through in those days (A.K.A: our periods). We get bloated and retain a lot of things, maybe it's me making an excuse for not meeting my exact goal in numbers, but I really do think it makes a huge difference. Ladies, my advice is that if you are joining their challenge, make sure your last day/week is not when you are in your lady days which can affect your numbers 😉  ...Other than that go for it! They are really great!

    thumb Adriana P.

      Nothing but good things to say about this place. The atmosphere is energetic and friendly. Always see a lot of smiles but also hard work. The trainers are motivating and keep the workouts challenging.

    Definitely recommend coming by and checking it out!

    thumb Demi S.

      Have you ever been that person thats always trying to find the right gym... nothing to big and busy... and nothing to small that feels like its closed for the day? Well you came to the right place! I was that person that would visit a gym and sign up for one week and disappear. Amp fitness has exceeded my expectations and whats even better is I have one of the best trainers in the house! Jazmine!!! She listens to me and always is so encouraging... she understands what my body needs and works me to the core! She sets me up with a great workout where at the end Im lying dead on the floor but works me hard enough where I want to come back! You'll hate her for a second but will love her at the end!! Anyone that lands at Amp and works with Jazmine.... its a win win!

    thumb Karen L.

      I currently a member at Amp Fitness.When I first came to the gym,I was looking for a personal trainer. What I found was a very helpful and friendly group of gym employees. My daughter even commented on how friendly the staff was on the phone when she called to inquire about membership. The gym itself may not be big, but the staff makes it feel much better than a big gym. It has been an amazing experience.

    thumb Marina B.

      I attended the group class from this place. Since the class is small,  I really loved the attention I received from the trainer. Exercises were adjusted due to my injuries and when my form is wrong it was corrected right away. They also offer private training. I haven't tried it but their prices seem fair. This is the place for you if you want to try classes and still have someone closely monitor you.

    thumb Portia K.

      Best. Trainer. Ever.  

    I've been working with Dave at Amp Fitness for about six months now and I love it!  
    Dave is a wealth of knowledge and helps me at every visit improve my form, share information on nutrition, and makes working out fun.  He is professional, flexible and responsive, and in general an awesome person.  

    I highly recommend Amp Fitness.

    thumb Leah L.